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Hello, I’m Sev

I’m the creator behind the Notion templates of Work ​Better. I help freelancers and agencies grow their business ​with Notion systems. I build bespoke workspaces for ​freelancers, educators, and content creators.

I’m also a Notion Certified Creator, Notion Ambassador, ​and Notion Consultant with 3+ years experience that has ​served 30+ clients to date.

I work full-time as a Notion Consultant, which means I ​spend all of my working hours thinking about innovating ​and perfecting business systems in Notion. I leverage my ​13 years experience working as an IT Business Analyst ​into the systems I create.


Client Stories

Intuitive and engaging, Sev Estil is a great person ​to work with. The depth of his knowledge of ​Notion transcends his approach.

He is a true master! In addition, he takes the time ​to understand the problem before designing a ​solution. He pays great attention to details, ​especially in terms of workflow, which makes any ​project extremely user-friendly. The fact that he ​can make things look good is also very important ​for usability and end-user engagement.

Junaid Kalia MD

CEO, NeuroCare.AI

At first, I never really knew what it is for, but I'm ​super thankful for Sev Estil helping me out ​establishing the business systems, and behind ​the scenes of operating my business.

It's really helpful for someone analytical coming in ​and thinking of how can I really improve the ​efficiency of my business.

Brien Ordiales

CEO, Cloud Studio

Work Better

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