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Project OS

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Is this you? Every project you start, ​simula ka na naman from scratch, plus ​ang dami mong spreadsheets —

meron kada isang project??

PLUSSSSS may nakakalimutan kang task. Hindi mo ​na alam kung saan nakalagay at saan hahanapin ​yung files. Tapos ang daming versions, di mo na ​alam kung ano yung latest.

Sinubukan mo namang pagsasamahin sa isang ​spreadsheet pero sobrang dami ng tabs. (OMG?!)

Ang ending, hindi na nagma-make sense ang lahat, ​kaya gumawa ka na lang uli bago.

The real deep problem is that wala kang centralized ​view para sa lahat ng tasks mo for each project. ​Kaya ang tagal ng turn around time kay client kasi ​hindi ka nga organized sa tasks — kasi wala ka nga ​kasing system.

Time to end your anxiety na!

Kasi I’ve been there and there is hope.

And ito na yun, I’m giving you

the Project OS para…

  • All that you need sa projects are in One ​Centralized Calendar, that would enable you see ​everything sa tasks mo.

  • May assistant ka with the Smart Status Formula, ​reminding and helping you what’s the next task.

  • You can see all of your active projects in your ​dashboard, di ka na malilito kung alin sa projects ​mo ang need i-work on pa.

  • View your progress an efficient way with charts ​inside Notion.

  • AND BECAUSE OF THESE, you are now able to ​rest, end anxiety, and eventually accommodate​ more projects & clients, kasi you are now able ​to focus on what to do next without worrying ​kung may na-miss out ka.

If all of these vibes with you, then…

this is for you.

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