New Axie Scholar Onboarding

Please read through the following below.


  • 60% Manager / 40% Scholar SLP Share
  • SLP Share will be transferred to your Ronin Wallet every end of the month
  • The scholarship will be revoked if quota is not met.
  • 2 weeks probation period
    • -MMR should be 1300+ after 2 weeks.
      -Manager has discretion whether the scholar should continue or not
  • If banned - Scholar will pay 50% of the Axies' Market Value.
  • You can cancel the scholarship anytime.

Earning Potential

notion image


  • Input your Daily SLP and MMR in the Google Sheet for tracking.


  • First week: 75 SLP daily average
    • -Focus on Adventure, do arena to complete the Daily Quest
  • Second week: 100 SLP daily average
  • Third week onwards: 120 SLP daily average


  • How much time do I need to play?
    • -2 hours+
  • When does the energy resets?
    • -Every 8am PHT
  • Can I still complete the daily quest when you ran out of energy?
    • -Yes, you can still play arena and adventure without energy. The difference is in adventure you won't gain experience, but this able to reach the 50 SLP gain. In arena, only the MMR and daily quest count will be affected no SLP will be gained.
  • How much SLP is gained through adventure and quest?
    • -50 - Adventure | 25 - Quest
  • What are the ban-able offenses?
    • -VPN
      -Using gifted axies without 24 hours cooldown
      -Playing multiple accounts
      -Change time in phone

How to Install Axie Infinity on android?

  • Click on Play Now
  • Download APK
  • Open the APK File
  • Click on Install

Watch Gameplays here:


How to login to Axie on Mobile:

  1. Launch Axie Infinity app
  1. Tap on "SCAN QR CODE" provided by your manager.
Note: The QR code is valid for only 14 days. You need a ask for a new one from your manager.
notion image
notion image

First time login

notion image
You won't see any Axies. You need to go to "Axies" then tap on "Sync Axie"

Adventure Mode Main Screen

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  1. Every level is called a ruin. If you have completed a level, you will see 1-3 stars below it. The stars indicate how many of your Axies have survived when you completed that level.
  1. How many monsters you will have to defeat within the level.
  1. This shows what kind of monsters you will encounter within the level. Clicking on any monster shows you the class and description of the monster.
  1. Daily SLP limit counter — showing that 0/50 of the max SLP have been claimed today.
  1. Energy counter is in the top left.
  1. Axie Inventory. Clicking this would show you your Axies and their abilities, as well as let you change their lineup placement. You can also change your team here.
  1. The level of each Axie.
  1. Once you are ready to fight, the Start button begins the game.

Recommended Team Positioning

Above aligned
notion image
Below aligned
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