Money Jar System

September 12, 2021
I want to share today a template that I personally use to track and budget my finances. I fell inlove with the Money Jar Management System as it solve the issue with proper saving and proper spending.
I'm a saver type of a person. It's difficult for me to spend on my wants even if I have the means. I have the guilty feeling whenever I spend money on my wants.
The system solves this issue for me, with proper allocation to the different jars. I don't feel guilty as long as I use the money allocated in the Play Jar.
My wife is a spending on the other hand, it's tough for her to save. This problem is also solved by the money jar system. It's because the income is allocated into different jars, each of the allocation has it's use.
I suggest follow this system and your management will become easy and effective. Less stress in handling money.
Here's the link to download the template: