About this blog

This blog will be my documentation of my life from failures to successes.
I will be posting mostly around Notion, Finance, and Gaming.
What is my story?
I'm currently working as an IT Production Support for a Commodity Trading software called OpenLink Endur. It's a highly customisable sofware with a lot of moving parts.
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I'm building Notion templates mostly about finances. Please can visit my shop here. NotionForFinance.com
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I'm building side hustles around forex trading, notion template, helping my wife with her design buiness Canva Concepts, and recently thru the game Axie Infinity.
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This is my very post blog post and if you notice I'm not yet good a it but of course I'm training my self to improve as much as I can. Please join me in my journey. Thanks!
Sev Estil

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