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How to Earn by Playing Axie Infinity?

Step by Step guide to start Axie Infinity.

Free Templates

Healthcare Kit: Monitoring Sheet

You can use this template going through your Covid 19 recovery.


About this blog

Sharing my thoughts.


AAP Double Nimo Gameplay Review

This is one of my scholar's gameplay. I gave out lessons here to be a better Axie player.


New Axie Scholar Onboarding

Step by step guide for new scholars.


Notion Formula: Next 3 Days

Is there a way to set up a filter within a database to show only the next three days?


Axie Arena Mode Rewards

Table on how many SLP you can gain based on your MMR.


Notion Formula: Gallery Dynamic Checkbox

Removing empty checkboxes from an inline gallery and next 3 days database filter.


Premium Templates

Axie Infinity Manager

Have you heard of the NFT game Axie Infinity? I started playing and I already earned about $400 in just 2 weeks. Here's the Notion template I use to get organized.